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日本に住民票をお持ちの外国人のみなさまへ/For Foreigners Registered as Residents in Japan


2015年 10月から、12桁のマイナンバー(社会保障・税番号)が通知されます。

1.マイナンバーとは/What is the Individual Number (nicknamed “My Number”)?



Individual Numbers are issued under the Social Security and Tax Number System, which is the base for linking and putting together personal information dispersed across multiple agencies under the name of the person it belongs to. The System serves as social infrastructure to improve the efficiency and transparency of the social security and taxsystems, bring greater convenience to the public, and create afairand justsociety.
Foreigners  registered  as  residents  in  Japan  (mid-term  residents,  special  permanentresidents, etc.) will also receive their Individual Numbers.


2.マイナンバーの利用場面の例/When to use the Individual Number

u    税や社会保険の手続きで、源泉徴収票の作成に必要なため、勤務先にマイナンバーを提示します。

u    税の手続きで、法定調書等に記載するため、証券会社や保険会社などにマイナンバーを提示します。

u    厚生年金の請求の際に年金事務所にマイナンバーを提示します。

u    福祉分野の給付等を受ける際に市町村にマイナンバーを提示します。


u You will present your Individual Number to your employer for use for the creation of certificates of income and withholding tax, which are needed for tax and social security procedures.

u You will present your Individual Number to security firms and insurance companies for notation on legal documents used for tax procedures.

u You will present your Individual Number to the pension office to claim for your employee pension benefits.

u  You will present your Individual Number to your municipal office to receive welfare benefits.

3.必要な手続き/Necessary procedure







ü     通知カード

ü     交付通知書(申請後届きます)

ü     本人確認書類(運転証やパスポート、在留カードなど)


u  The municipal office will send a notification cardto yourregistered address.

You may fail to receive the notification card if your current address is not registered. Please confirm your registered address in advance.

u  Beginning in October 2015, every household will receive, by recorded delivery, an envelope containing notification cards showing the Individual Numbers of household members.This card is important because it proves your Individual Number in tax and social security procedures.

Be careful not to throw it away by mistake.

u  You can apply for an Individual Number Card.

Several application options are available, such as returning an application for an Individual Number Card with a photo of your face attached by mail, or applying online with a photo of your face taken with a smartphone. Detailed application procedures will be described in the instruction material enclosed in the envelope delivered in or after October 2015.

u  You will then receive your Individual Number Card.

In January or later in 2016, you will receive a notification that your Individual Number Card is ready for issuance. If you choose to receive the Card at the municipal office, please bring the following three items. The first issuance is free of charge.

ü  Notification card

ü  Notification of issuance (received after application)

ü  Personal ID (driver’s license, passport, residence card, etc.)

 4.個人番号カードとは/What is an Individual Number Card?

u マイナンバーに関係する手続きで、番号と身元を1枚で確認できるカードです。ま公的な身分証明書として広く活用できます。

u 税の電子申請等が行える電子証明書も無料で搭載可能です。

u 図書館利用や印鑑登録証など地方公共団体が条例で定めるサービスにも利用できま市町村によっては、コンビニで証明書の交付も可能になります。

u 既にお持の住基カードは有効期限まで利用できます。ただし、個人番号カードと重複所持はできません。

u 個人番号カードのICチップに記録されるのは、券面に記載された氏名、住所、生年月日、性別、個人番号などのほか、電子証明書などに限られ、所得などプライバシー性の高い個人情報は記録されません。


u  This card proves both your Individual Number and identity in any procedures related to the Individual Number.It also serves as your official ID card.

u  You can add an electronic certificate to the Card free of charge and use it for online tax returns.

u  You can also use the Card to receive services offered by your local government as prescribed by its ordinances (e.g., public library services, issuance of seal registration certificates). Some municipalities will even allow convenience stores to issue public certificates.

u  Your Basic Resident Registration Card will remain valid until its expiration date. However, you must surrender it once you obtain an Individual NumberCard.

u  The IC chip on the Individual Number Card will contain your name, address, date of birth, sex, Individual Number, and other  information written on the face of the card, as well as the electronic certificate where applicable. No highly sensitive personal information, such as your income, will be recorded.

 5.マイナンバー取り扱いの注意点/Precautions in handling the Individual Number

u    法律に規定があるものを除き、マイナンバーの利用・収集は禁止しています。むやみにマイナンバーを提示しないでください。

u 人のマイナンバーを不正に入手することや、他人のマイナンバーを取り扱う者がマイナンバーや個人の秘密が記憶された個人情報ファイルを不当に提供することは、処罰の対象になります。


u No one is allowed to use or collect Individual Numbers unless permitted by law. Do not carelessly show your Individual Number to others.


u   Any person who illegitimately obtains others’ Individual Numbers and any authorized person that handles others’ Individual Numbers who provides a third party with a file containing Individual Numbers and other sensitive personal information in an illegitimate manner will be subject to punishment. 


 6.コールセンターのご案内/Contact information

u    コールセンターのご案内




平日  9302000   土日祝日   9301730


 u  Call center information

0570-20-0178 (Japanese)

0570-20-0291 (English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, and Portuguese)

[Until September 30, 2015]

9:30-17:30 weekdays (closed on weekends, national holidays, and year-end/New Year holidays)

[October 1, 2015 to March 31, 2016]

9:30-20:00 weekdays, 9:30-17:30 weekends and holidays

Note: Call charges will apply because these are Navi-Dial services.




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